Print your own Jumping Jack Santa using this funny template

Add a picture of your dad, your friend, your dog or someone else in the jumping jack template below. Print your creation and make your very own entertaining jumping jack for christmas. Fun arts and crafts project that the whole family can enjoy.

Below is an example of a finished jumping jack that was made using this jumping jack craft template.

How to make your own jumping jack

Things you'll need for this project

  • A picture of someone that you wish to turn into a jumping jack (an image file on your computer)
  • A printer
  • 2 pieces of thick paper (not so thick that you won't be able to print on it)
  • Some string
  • A scissor
  • A Hole punch
  • 8 brass paper fasteners

As an alternative to thick paper you can print your jumping jack on regular paper. In that case you will also need:

  • Thick paper / carton to glue the printed images onto
  • Glue

Step by step instructions

  1. Look further down this page. You should see the template some buttons and sliders. This is where you design your custom santa claus ornament. If you don't see this you migth in stead see a blue screen asking you to install Silverlight. If so then you need to install Silverlight first in order to use the designer.
  2. Click the "Browse for image..." button below and browse for the image on your computer that you would like to use as the face of your jumping jack.
  3. Move the image into place by dragging the image around (hold the cursor over the image you inserted, click and hold down the left mouse button and then move your mouse in order to move the image around. Let go of the mouse button when you are happy with the placement).
  4. Zoom and rotate the image into place by using the sliders to the right of the template.
  5. Click on "Print my jumping jack" when you are happy with your custom jumping jack design. You should print the jumping jack on some thick paper if your printer can manage it. Otherwise you can print on regular paper and then glue the design onto some thick paper / carton afterwards.
  6. Cut out the parts for the body, legs and arms.
  7. Punch small holes in the template where the brass paper fasteners should be as indicated on the drawing below. (4 holes in the body for arms and legs, 2 holes in each upper arm and upper leg, 1 hole in each lower arm and lower leg.)
  8. Punch holes in the upper arms and upper legs where the strings should be tied as indicated on the drawing below. It is important that these holes are placed correctly relative to where the brass paper fasteners are located so the arms and legs will be pulled upwards when pulling the string down.
  9. Assemble the jumping jack santa with brass paper fasteners as indicated on the drawing below. Tie a piece of string between the upper arms and a piece between the upper legs. Be sure not to leave any slack on the lines. Tie a long string to the middle of the string connecting the upper arms and then tie it to the middle of the string connecting the upper legs without leacing any slack between the knots. Let the string go well below the feet of the santa in order to give people something to pull on to make the jumping jack jump.
  10. You can punch a hole in the top of the head and tie a string in it so you can hang up your new custom santa somewhere.

Jumping Jack Designer

Design and print your Jumping Jack directly from this page

You should see the jumping jack designer below where you can create your own custom jumping jack and print it directly from this page.

If all you see below is a blue box requesting you to install Silverlight then you should install this before you can use the designer.

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Assembly of the jumping jack and full-size templates

The drawing to the left below indicates how the santa should be assembled as viewed from the backside. Below on the right we've included the templates used for the designer above. If you prefer to make your design in Photoshop, MS Paint or with your old toothbrush you can download the templates below by clicking on the images to open them up in full size.

Tell Dr. Kapow what you think and show us your creations

We'd love to see your designs. Please feel free to post photos of what you've done below or just tell your friends and us what you think.